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Diamond Solutions
List of services:

- Diamond search & sale system.
- Real-time Ring Designer.
- A full-featured website.
- Advertising and Marketing.
- Embedded solutions.
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Tourism Solutions
`PaasTour` for travel agencies and hotels offers you:

- Work Process Optimization.
- Online reservation.
- Online work with your agents.
- Personal website.
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Web solutions
We provide complex web solutions for our customers, including:

- Planning.
- Website development.
- Design.
- Advertising.
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Start-up solutions
We are developing startup projects for our customers and partners, and provide a list of services:

- Consultation.
- Investor relations (IR).
- Technical development and support.
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Our customers:
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FN1 Fashion magazine
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IDEX Online
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Diamond Bourse of Canada
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Rejwan Travel Service
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