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The Paasweb team is made up of professional, energetic and ambitious employees. Each of them has many years of experience and expertise in their respective field of activity. By splitting into departments manned by top guns of business, Paasweb is able to offer fully integrated online solutions for your business.


V Analysis & Planning Department.

A successful project begins with analysis and correct planning. Ensuring the right plan, delivering a detailed description of the requirements and goal setting can save you precious time and make the work efficient and of high quality. We start with a detailed study of the peculiarities of your business and the market where you are operating (or plan to operate), identify your business prospects and opportunities and offer our own additional guidelines that can help you increase the potential of your project significantly. Then we draft a detailed work plan and prepare expert design specifications.


V Engineering Department.

This is the first department in our company. We attach utmost importance to technology and invest considerable resources and efforts towards improving it. Our team consists of experts with deep knowledge and solid experience in the areas of technology, algorithmics and the internet. Thanks to our close- knit team, we have continued to hold leading positions in the field of technology and this has gained us worldwide recognition.


V Advertising Department.

We see any online project as a business - a business that has to work, sell and make profit, be it an online store, online business card, portal, complex online system or a start-up. First and foremost, our team will prepare for you an advertising plan for further activities. We specialize in deploying new brands, improving and advertising existing brands, creating "leads", managing online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), creating traffic and improving its quality.


V Startup Department.

We offer you solutions from A to Z for your start-up projects: preparation of information and necessary documents for investors, profitability check, legal support, assistance when contacting investors, engineering implementation of your ideas (creating a project from scratch, technical support and maintenance).


V B2B collaboration.

We believe in mutually beneficial cooperation. Today, we are in partnerships with corporations in various sectors, such as the diamond market, the tourist market and with Internet companies. We also offer a number of ready-to-use solutions that can be easily and quickly integrated into your projects.

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Paasweb has been operating in the global Internet market, particularly since 2005. The company offers integrated business solutions through her various divisions under one roof.
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