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The difference between the success and failure of an Internet site is in its ability to attract Internet traffic. Millions of web sites compete for users attention, and the main battle in this war is played out in search engine results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the main weapons of this war, specifically SEO in Google, who is the current global leader and the one dictating the rules.


In order to reach high results in the search engines search (SERPs), it is not enough to build a nice looking website and input some simple codes and data and expect high traffic of users. The modern search engines use hundreds of different criteria for each site in order to decide which site should be displayed first and which site should be displayed on results pages that no one will ever reach.


The winning idea is to combine between the organic SEO and PPC = Pay Per Click (when you pay to the search engine only for clicks).




V Step 1 - "Strategy and analyze"


- Market analyze including competitors.

- Identifying potential target audience.

- Keywords research.

- Identifying the optimal budget for PPC campaign.



V Step 2 - "SEO setup and maintenance"


- "On page optimization": speed optimization, meta optimization, content optimization, HTML source optimization, image optimization, technical optimization if needed.

- Adjust relevant tracking instruments.

- Check for errors and redirects.



V Step 3 - "Pay per click (PPC) setup maintenance"


- Create PPC campaign in "Google Adwords" according to your budget.

- Create ad groups and ads for relevant keywords and markets.

- Campaign optimization (maximum clicks for minimum cost).



V Step 4 - "Marketing and advertising strategies"


- Banners Customer retention - greetings for holidays, newsletters, actions etc...

- Video marketing - strongly advised.

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