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The main objective of an online business card (or business card website) is to present your business and information about it in the right way and delivered in the most effective manner in order to attract new customers and partners, as well as enhance your reputation among existing customers and partners.


It is important to note that an online business card features a lot of useful information for your customers, which can be read by the customers on their own, thereby saving you time and your employees` time.



The process applied by us to create an online business card


V Understanding your business.

Market analysis, studying your potential customers and partners, identifying your business strengths, studying competition in the market in general and in the Internet in particular.


V Planning.

We will plan with you what kind of things will be shown on your online business card, in what form and format. We will define what information you need to put on the site and in what form so that the site could serve its purpose perfectly.


V Design.

Using your existing brand, or having created a new one, we will make a unique design for your site, factoring in the design and analysis.


V Engineering implementation.

We implement your site based on our technologies to make it work very fast (as confirmed by an independent assessment tool from Google) and to equip it with high-quality code. Thanks to our technology EFF (Edit From Front), which is part of the administrative panel, you can quickly and easily edit your site directly from display. Besides, your site will be equipped with search engine optimization module, text analysis module and other features and capabilities.


V Advertising.

Our advertising department will prepare for you an advertising plan and online advertising budgets. After approval of the plan, we will begin implementing it.


We are convinced that an online business card is your face on the Internet. That is why our priority is to ensure that this face is as attractive as possible. And in turn, our customers are our face.

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